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Hudson River 2-Day Overnight Trip

Hudson River 2-Day Overnight Trip
Class III-IV
16 or 17 miles
April - October


The 17 mile overnight trip starts on the Indian River with 3 miles of exciting Class III rapids.  We quickly reach the Hudson River and continue through a calmer stretch called Cedar Ledges Rapid. For the next 10 miles there are New York State DEC campsites scattered along the shore of the river. Most campsites are accessible only from the river and see little use.

Once in camp there will be plenty of time for fishing, hiking. and relaxation. Many of the campsites have trails leading to remote ponds or scenic overlooks high above the river. Your guides will take care of the cooking and camp chores. Menus can be adjusted to meet the needs of each group. We specialize in cooking over an open fire and dutch oven desserts.

There is no better nights' sleep than after a day of exploring the river and surrounding mountains. Get back to nature in the Hudson River Gorge.


4-5 people : $350 per person
6+ people : $300 per person

Rates Include :
Splash Jacket
Booties & Gloves
Waterproof Bags for Personal Gear
Sleeping Pad
4 Meals


Several different itineraries are possible depending on river level and the needs of your group. A river level of 4.5 feet is needed to start a trip in Newcomb. A river level of 4 feet minimum is needed to extend a trip past North River. Please call to discuss all of the possibilities. Here are some popular itineraries for a 2-day trip:

Itinerary 1 - Indian River to North River, NY - 17 miles

Itinerary 2 - Indian River to North River, NY - 17 miles

Itinerary 3 - North Creek, NY to Thurman, NY - 16 miles


In the Spring and cooler days in the Fall, you will be wearing a wetsuit that we provide. The wetsuit consists of three main parts : the wetsuit john, wetsuit jacket, and wetsuit booties. You need to provide the insulation to wear under the wetsuit and against your body. The most commonly used are synthetic long underwear, similar to what you would wear skiing. Bring wool or fleece socks that will fit inside the booties. Bring a wool or fleece hat to fit under a helmet. NO COTTON !

In the warmer months of July and August rafters can wear whatever clothes they don't mind getting wet. Cotton is acceptable, but still stays wet longer than synthetic materials. Shorts and a T-shirt or a bathing suit are the most common. You need to have something secure on your feet. Not just so you don't lose them if you swim, but more importantly, so you have good support when walking around on the river shore.
Please no flip-flops, Crocs, or bare feet.

Personal Packing List


North Creek
Lake George
Old Forge
Saratoga Springs
Lake Placid

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